Aimi Willmer

Aimi Willmer

  • Accredited NVR Parent Practitioner Level 3
  • Safeguarding DSL Level 3
  • Children and Young People’s Mental Health Level 2
  • Enhanced DBS
  • Insurance
  • 10 years NVR lived experience


Myself and my partner have two adult boys as well as two beautiful grandsons, I work part time as a licensee in the public sector and love the outdoors.

10 years ago we struggled with our youngest son’s challenging behaviours, constantly in a battle trying to stop all these exaggerated situations he would constantly get into at home and in the school setting, including climbing on roofs, headbutting windows and physically attacking anyone around him. Our eldest son was only a year older, well behaved and very intelligent.

Daily life was a struggle, one parent course after another – then NVR was mentioned as a last resort when there was nothing else left to try…

For 12 weeks I sat there listening and learning, taking everything in I could to try and change our home life. Others spoke of the same craziness we were seeing. Each week we fed back what we tried, how it had worked, and how it could be tried again and again with persistence.

With each technique we tried, things started to improve, School started to notice engagement, and we started to enjoy life again. NVR is a life-changing skill and still, to this day, we have a moment and I step back into a being a parent with a bag of wonderful strategies to help, support and move forward from each life obstacle that arises.

In 2015 I was lucky enough to be trained to be a level 3 practitioner in NVR, and have since received accreditation from NVR UK for my qualifications and commitment to this approach.

Once qualified, myself and two other parent practitioners built NVR South as an unincorporated association, so we are able to offer our support to other parents professionally, as we were once helped.

We go into the community, Schools and CAMHS to deliverer this New Vision on Relationships parenting program across Southampton and Hampshire, in the UK.