Accredited NVR Parent Practitioner level 3
Safeguarding trained
Enhanced DBS
10 years NVR Lived Experience

Myself and my daughter have worked with NVR for over 10 years, first struggling with her
behaviours around preschool age. After many parenting programs and judgement I was referred to
NVR at crisis point, I knew I had to work hard and continue on this NVR journey, to make the
difference I needed to make a change in our family life. Gaining friends and a support network along
the way.

Now as a strong single mother I have overcome many situations and challenges and am very proud
of myself for getting my daughter to where she is today, as well as only recently receiving her
diagnosis of ASD after many years of masking in primary school and gaining great support though
NVR and secondary school.

NVR saved me and my daughter’s lives and relationship.

In 2018 I became a level 3 NVR practitioner supporting families across Southampton and Hampshire
and building NVR South to support others.

I helped to organise the NVR UK Conference and presented my training and work around the Digital

I love to share my experiences and tested techniques to help others in need, with a great empathy
for other struggling parents.

With a taught learning curve of looking behind what is happening, helping you to see the child you love
instead of the behaviour.