About NVR South

NVR South parent practitioners volunteer their time;  all expenses incurred by running costs are funded by local schools, communities and charities.

As three parents we have worked tirelessly to put together an unincorporated association, making a constitution and opening a bank account.

We network across Southampton and Hampshire to secure funding to run the Non Violent Resistance parenting program.

We have:

  • Insurance
  • DBS in full
  • Safeguarding trained to designated supervisor lead officer level
  • Accredited Practitioners by NVR UK
  • Policy and procedures in place:
  • Confidentiality agreement
  • Data protection and security policy
  • Health and Safety policy
  • Privacy policy
  • Safeguarding children and vulnerable adults
  • Risk assessment
  • Volunteer agreements
  • Terms and conditions of use
  • Social media policy

NVR South Parent Practitioners were part of the NVR UK Conference committee, planning, preparing and promoting the NVR UK 2019 Conference. We were also booked in to present at the NVR International conference in Austria in May 2020.

About Aimi Willmer

Myself and my partner have two adult boys as well as two beautiful grandsons, 10 years ago we struggled with our youngest son’s challenging behaviours, constantly in a battle trying to stop all these exaggerated situations. Daily life was a struggle – then NVR was mentioned as a last resort when there was nothing else left to try…

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About Kerry Harnett

Myself and my daughter have worked with NVR for over 10 years, first struggling with her behaviours around preschool age. After many parenting programs and judgement I was referred to NVR at crisis point, I knew I had to work hard and continue on this NVR journey, to make the difference I needed to make a change in our family life.

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About Michelle McCarthy

With Aimi and Kerry I have been working as an NVR Parent Practitioner in Southampton and Hampshire, having attended an NVR group in 2014 when struggling with my daughter’s extreme behaviour and going on to train as an accredited practitioner.

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