2020-05-18 19:43:14

An amazing approach taught by amazing ladies, they supported me in changing my sons life, by teaching me techniques I regained presence in my sons life and managed to move him forward from a bad place.

2020-05-18 12:10:09
The principles of NVR parenting has completely changed how I interact and manage the behaviours of my two sons both diagnosed with ASD. The result being they have a calmer less stressed parent, and they in turn benefit from a consistent approach, which allows both sides to work together to tackle issues in the home and beyond.

2020-05-18 11:57:25
Amazing ladies & amazing at there jobs, the hard work & passion they have needs to be recognised very deserving!

2020-04-29 19:26:19
Without this group and the support of NVR south I would still be struggling and dreading daily life with my challenging child. They have giving me back my parental presents within my home and a family life I wanted. I am feeling more confidence and relaxed with my daily routine and accepting my child special need without feeling judge

2020-04-29 13:51:32
NVR South Practitioners have run several courses for parents of our school. The support they give to parents is refreshing and encourages simple but effective out of the box thinking. The practitioners also facilitate a strong bond between the parents which gives helps them to feel they are not alone in their situation. They also are able to show true empathy to parents having experienced the difficulties of extreme difficult behaviour themselves and have the approach of walking along side parents often with humour, rather than lecturing them. They encourage all those involved with the children and families to communicate, including parents and schools so they are able to work together with a joined up approach to support the family and child. They provide ongoing support for parents after a course has finished through social media and regular gatherings. The positive effect the staff have on parents is amazing and through their skilled work they really do help parents to have a greater understanding of their situation and help them to see things differently in often what are very dark times for them and giving them much needed hope for a brighter future. Where would these parents be without you NVR South? Thank you!

2020-04-28 13:39:20
I am Chair of a local community project called SO18 Big Local, and we are one of 150 groups which have been established by a management organisation called Local Trust. Big Local is a unique placed base funding project whereby each Big Local group received £1million plus from the Big Lottery Community Fund to spend in their local communities over a ten year period. Each group is resident led, making decisions on how to spend the money to make their neighbourhoods a better place to live. SO18 Big Local covering the neighbourhoods of Townhill Park, Harefield and Midanbury in Southampton. Each Big Local area was chosen on the basis that it had not been awarded any substantial amounts from the Big Lottery in the past. In the past my daughter and I had reached the point where Social Services were involved in our lives. My daughter was getting help from CAMHS and we were referred for NVR. Fortunately I took the opportunity of doing the 10 week course. It changed our lives immensely, nothing less than that can be said. When I became involved in SO18 Big Local, and then as Chair I put forward the proposal of NVR for our local families and consequently we have financed 3 separate courses. Our proviso for who attends the courses are that they must live within our SO18 Big Local boundaries, or if they live outside the boundary that their child must attend one of our schools located within the boundary. If they qualify for being in our area, they can then self refer. We are allowing families to get help before they reach the crisis stage with Social Services or other authorities making a referral. This team of NVR practitioners are instrumental in helping families improve their lives with their children by showing care, nurturing and guiding parents who may feel very lost and alone. They have carried out the courses providing parents with the tools and confidence to repair relationship. We will continue to procure their services and sing their praises always.

2020-04-26 20:09:30
Excellent for helping children and their parents

2020-04-26 20:07:10
They do an amazing job helping children and parents

2020-04-26 20:05:57
Excellent for helping children and their parents

2020-04-26 09:42:21
They are very professional but very easy to talk too Myself and 3 daughters went for help with 3 of my grandchildren\\\’s Behaviour, I am so pleased we went

2020-04-24 19:08:59
This training and approach has made a real impact on our home life with our three children. One of which has been referred for ADHD. We felt upset and unsure what to do after using lots of different approaches. The NVR team in Southampton were really supportive and have given us some great tips and resources to use. We have become far more settled, confident and able to now prevent the difficult behaviours before they escalate to damaging levels. A great team, well worthy of nomination and support to expand.

2020-04-23 13:42:05
Such a great bunch of people and team. I would have been lost without them

2020-04-22 21:04:41
Thanks ladies! Really helped us battle through a difficult period, while my teenage daughter struggled with her sexuality and social media influence. I have a much clearer understand of her now and can provide her with the support she needs. Wonderful ladies!

2020-04-22 20:55:06
NVR have entirely changed my family home. Special thanks to Aimi and Kerry for all the support and time you dedicated to us all. We\’re forever grateful to you and hope you win this well-deserved award!!

2020-04-21 21:34:35
I have found some of the NVR strategies very useful in parenting my son…..

2020-04-21 21:30:10
The team gives hope, support and practical help to families and parents who need it when all else has failed. I can’t thank them enough for what they do.

2020-04-21 21:28:20
A committed and vitally important group, much needed in this modern stressful and challenging world for youngsters and adults alike.

2020-04-21 21:22:20
Amazing individual’s making a difference ??

2020-04-21 20:21:34
Michelle lives and breathes NVR, it has turned her own life around. Finding that NVR works she was determined to help others . She has helped so many people who felt there was nowhere to turn she never gives up on anyone . She now approaches every problem life throws at her and others in a non escalatory manner and always gets the right result. She rarely says no to anyone who needs help even though her own situation is far from easy . She is an inspirational lady and an amazing friend who has also helped me and my own family through some very challenging times . To me the methods always make absolute sense in the end if not in the beginning. She touches many lives and I’m sure they all benefit from her beliefs and wisdom .

2020-04-21 20:19:44
The support and information received from the course and leaders really saved us as a family. We have also helped others and pointed them in the nvr direction.

2020-04-21 20:15:50
They have made such a huge difference to our families lives. Especially now during lockdown I cannot thank them enough x

2020-04-21 20:04:33
Me and my partner done NVR last year worked wonders on our child\’s behaviour. Great people and their theories really do work wonders. Will be using again for our next child

2020-04-21 19:57:15
I have witnessed the positive impact NVR training has on adults and children alike.

2020-04-21 19:54:20
Really passionate and friendly people, trying to help others who are in need. They really deserve this award for their constant hard work and effort in supporting people who need the help.

2020-04-21 19:52:53
Passionate people about NVR helping families get back on track

2020-04-21 19:51:44
They are very passionate about helping families and very helpful

2020-04-21 19:49:17
Absolutely amazing results

2020-04-21 19:14:59
Really do a fantastic job in providing step by step strategies and explain the reasoning behind these which then promotes understanding for parents/caters so they then become more knowledgeable and understand why their children display behaviours.

2020-04-21 17:38:27
Absolutely amazing help. Gives families hope as well as understanding the issues & that we are not alone.

2020-04-21 17:06:50
Amazing work done by volunteers, helping families with children with challenging behaviour. You absolutely deserve this.

2020-04-21 17:00:45
A vital service

2020-04-21 16:17:01
They do a great service for the community.

2020-04-21 15:05:13
I nominate NVR because I believe it’s a fantastic way forward to help parents understand how to help their children. The people that run these courses are amazing and selfless they need all the help, support and funding they possibly can to move forward. x

2020-04-21 14:54:22
NVR Southampton ladies Michelle & Kerry work tirelessly to help any individual from any walk of life that needs their help/advice. They are friendly & approachable. They never judge you, however small your enquiry. NVR is a life changing course for parents with challenging children. It gives parents confidence, knowledge & most importantly the power & strength to build a brighter & more beautiful future for their families.

2020-04-21 14:41:42
NVR south, changed opened our eyes to new skills to help us patent and rebuild relationships, even as a couple. They are amazing at what they do and the support they give.

2020-04-21 13:47:06
Great support for parents and families struggling with behaviours!

2020-04-21 13:37:40
because they deserve it

2020-04-21 13:24:26
I participated in an NVR course a few years ago and it has helped me so much with my son. The staff are welcoming and helpful and there is no judgement. I have made some lifelong friends and learned skills I can use for a lifetime.

2020-04-21 13:21:35
They work tirelessly to give the very best support not just initially but continually. A group of amazing & committed individuals using tried & tested strategies. I love the NVR approach.

2020-04-21 12:41:40
Kerry, Aimi and Michelle deserve recognition for all their dedication in supporting venerable parents. Not only do they deliver a friendly supportive group they are honest and open about their journey with their own children. Thank you for supporting my family in difficult times, i no longer feel alone.

2020-04-21 12:39:31
Working for the future of children. They go out of their way to help parents

2020-04-21 12:12:54
Well done to all involved with this ,doing an important job role in supporting those who need it and on a voluntary basis as well ..!!!

2020-04-21 11:54:15
I’m so thankful to have NVR to incorporate into daily life . Who listen without judgements. Come up with many strategies de-escalation techniques group work. If it wasn’t for the support received I would still be struggling daily with my response to challenging behaviour so great full for their support. The team deserve recognition.

2020-04-21 11:04:27
We done the course for 12 weeks and learnt so much

2020-04-21 10:39:24
I have had the pleasure of attending one of these education and training sessions with these lovely ladies. I found their knowledge and suggestions invaluable both in my personal and professional circumstances

2020-04-21 10:36:21
A group who do such fantastic work, helping so many families. I have learnt so much from them, my family are much happier. And I know that in the future, if issues arise at home, I can rely on their advice and support to manage these problems. They so deserve this award, thank you to their team!

2020-04-21 10:25:08
I have had the privilege of attending NVR and it really helped my family and lots of other families. It teaches you to look at things in a different way and the group members become like family themselves often sharing valuable advice and support.

2020-04-21 10:21:22
They are so devoted to their cause and simply just do the most amazing job sharing their knowledge and supporting families, well done all of you.

2020-04-21 10:20:02
NVR changed our lives, really helped my daughter and has had a massive impact on us as a family.

2020-04-21 10:15:25
This team go above and beyond to help people. They do far more then a lot of organisations

2020-04-21 10:04:46
Because something like this is so valuable and vital to ensure that children with challenging behaviour can be understood and subsequently, helped.

2020-04-21 10:01:30
We received help via NVR training which enabled for a better relationship with my son and how to deal with difficult situations.

2020-04-21 09:41:43
They are an amazing support. Down to earth and have lived through hard times and continue to, this makes the teaching far more authentic and meaningful.

2020-04-21 06:03:40
I nominate this group for the fantastic job they do for others, extremely dedicated and are a life line to many struggling parents looking for support. From there own parenting experiences they can provide all the expert advice to others who need it. Amazing group who deserve the recognition.

2020-04-20 15:43:23
Life changers thanks Aimi and Kerry

2020-04-20 15:39:43
Amazing course providers Aimi and Kerry made me feel so much better and empowered me to do better for my family and de-escalation techniques have made family life a lot easier and calmer can\’t thank them enough ?

2020-04-20 15:36:38
So easy to follow, down to earth \”normal\” course providers Aimi has so much knowledge and experience that she shares and makes you feel less judged and more supported to change?

2020-04-20 15:34:10
Amazing team, so supportive and helpful. So much good advice that works! Aimi, Kerry and Michelle are amazing and also my patent support Jo x

2020-04-20 12:25:31
I would not hesitate in nominating NVR South for this award. I have witnessed first hand the way they have transformed families\’ lives and empowered parents to use the NVR strategies they have learnt, both raising their parental presence and rebuilding relationships within the family home.

2020-04-19 14:38:14
No matter what, NVR have always helped as a family to make sure we look after our children by bonding with them.

2020-04-18 21:12:18
These ladies change lives, they are amazing, helpful, thoughtful, understanding, knowledgeable and decent normal people. I\’ve attended as a parent in need of help and as a parent support and loved being a part of it. Even now the course is over there is continuous support when you need it without judgement they really do deserve medals.

2020-04-18 09:38:10
As volunteers these parents are going out if their way, in their own time, to help children and families understand each other and resolve difficulties with reducing violent behaviours.

2020-04-04 17:13:42
Lovely bunch of lady’s thanks for helping us parents.

2020-04-03 23:48:22
An amazing group of ladies, who have worked tirelessly for other parents who are struggling with challenging behaviours from there children including LGBTQ, Fostering and ASD, each family has very different struggles but Aimi, Michelle and Kerry build a support network around us and we leave with friends, new parenting techniques and a new outlook on parenting and are children! So deserved

2020-04-02 11:30:57
They helped me to be able to understand and deal with my daughter’s fears and behaviour. They saved my relationship with my daughter, we are now the best of friends who talk about everything which helps solve many of my daughter’s fears.

2020-04-02 09:51:44
I was once one of these parents needing help and went on to become a practitioner with NVR.I am now retired but i do help within my own family with suggestions and strategies. I also give advice to friends and tell them to contact NVR South online. This is a fantastic service for families. The practitioners that deliver this service are very friendly and will go that extra mile to help people once the group sessions have finished. They know what parents go through because they were one of those parents. Even though i am now retired i still see some of the parents i helped and some of them stop and thank NVR and myself. My grandson is almost 20 years old and to this day i still use the tools i was given by NVR to help in life with him. Without NVR my family would have broken down. Thank you NVR South.

2020-04-01 23:07:53
I took part in one of their courses and all three ladies that ran it were wonderful! They were knowledgeable and very helpful, they really helped me a lot!

2020-04-01 21:21:04
Kerry Harnett and Aimi

2020-04-01 20:27:24
helped me regain control of my feral children

2020-04-01 19:19:09
I have been on the NVR course run by Clair and Aimi and they are both amazing as is the course helping so many parents around the south

2020-04-01 19:14:43
I done my NVR course with these and i learnt so much on the course and i recommend very much Kim r

2020-04-01 18:56:12
Without them my house would be chaotic and mental. I have calmer kids they have calmer parents we actually enjoy each others company. NVR has turned my world around

2020-04-01 18:52:38
Friendly and supportive during and after

2020-04-01 18:47:56
NVR South especially Aimi, Kerry and Michelle totally changed my life and how I deal with things. The group was a godsend. The ladies deserve a medal and more

2020-03-04 20:12:42
Over the previous three years, these parent practitioners have dedicated their time, volunteering to support other parents, with whom are struggling due to challenging behaviours of their children. Using their own experiences in similar circumstances they teach non violent resistance through parenting programmes across Hampshire in local schools and community groups.